jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

the eight

Welcome back to a new week full of funny activities.

This time we are going to have a break with app’s and web pages although they can be very useful to send me your solutions, I see there are really creative EXPLORERS.

This week I have three different challenges:

The first one is for beginners although you do know Chess can be played by anyone. It is a question of practice.

White pieces give check mate in just one move:

The second one looks a little bit harder but that is because there are many pieces on the chessboard, but think about it.

In this case black pieces give check mate in one move

And the last challenge can be difficult, so I can help you with a hint. First try it without the hint white pieces can give check mate in two moves:

Here it comes the hint. Remember the you can force the black pieces to move pieces without any option... And a second hint, and the most important, you can sacrifice the Queen in order to win the game.

Tell me your experience practicing with chess and enjoy playing

See you soon.

I'll be waiting for your videos, comments suggestions...
at explorajake@gmail.com

whatsapp: 616097872

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miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

The seventh

Wow Incredible... the seventh?

This two weeks we have time to practice with a web page.

In this page you can create a book, pasting images the page provides or the images you can upload easily, just dragging them and choosing it as a “prop”, a background...

First you enter on the page and choose the “Pick type of book
Then you can make a friend or other person the protagonist of the story. I have chosen the option “all about me”, and there is a video (you can find it in youtube, and also in Spanish if you have any doubt)
Click HERE for the video of storyjumper or HERE for the tutorial in Spanish.

And here you are my book, click on this link below and enjoy
I am waiting for your books and your comments if you liked it or anything to change.

The second challenge for beginners. There are two easy exercises:

The first one is to practice with the Rook:

Can you tell me how many moves the ROOK should make to capture all the pieces, try it with the less as possible:

And the second one is to guess what is the “Mysterious” piece whites need to capture the black pawn and the black rook in two moves.

Tell me your experience practicing with chess and enjoy playing

See you soon.

I'll be waiting for your videos, comments suggestions...
at explorajake@gmail.com
whatsapp: 616097872

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Happy 2018

Happy new year to all followers and friends.

After such creative Nativity Scenes I have received it’s time to play chess again.

I had a great time during my vacations and I have been visiting some friends, one of them “Profesora Tecla” inspred me to challenge you to try a new APP on your mobile phone.

I am going to show you a video, how to get Check Mate with a Queen and a King, and being very careful not to fall into the “stalemate”, all you know that means a draw.


And now try to make a short video using the app “PICPAC” in this site http://picpac.tv/ I got this app in my android and it is not very difficult.

Send me your videos

The second activity I propose to you is for beginners and I propose two games:

     The first one:

Here you are a Chess Board with black pieces on it, try to place a White Queen in order to capture as many pieces as possible.

Do you remember the value of each piece? Have a look on the blog in the label “The Class”: And tell me how many points could you get with that Queen (adding the value of all the possible pieces to capture).

      The second one:

Watch this Chess board and...

You have to tell me how to get Check Mate in one move with the white pieces.

Send me your solutions as usual,
by mail explorajake@gmail.com
or whassap at 616097872

Enjoy and keep trying

miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

5th Activity

Welcome back to your favourite blog

This have been a very looooooooong term...
But it has been very productive.

This week activities are very funny and really different.

The first activity to wish you a very happy holidays and happiness for the next year.

I was wondering... HOW ABOUT TRYING TO MAKE A Nativity Scene related with chess.

I have been remembering your SO creative chess pieces and chess games.

HAPPY 2018

Don't forget to send me your pictures, drawings, videos etc... I'll be watching them and I use some of them to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy new 2018.

Remember be creative and enjoy every single moment with your family and friends.

And there is another activity. I have been thinking in a difficult activity, We go on vacations and maybe we have some free time with our parents and friends.

I challenge you to solve this quiz. It is based on a TV program “Pasapalabra”. It is a little bit difficult but I am pretty sure all of you can do it quite well.

Be honest, play with your friends and relatives and tell me how many correct answers did you find THE VERY FIRST TIME. Just write to me and tell me what is your number of correct answers and it is very important for me your opinions and any comments.
After finishing you will see the solutions and play as many times as you want, for challenging your friends.

jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2017

Check Mate & More

Here we are again,

I am really happy with your feed-back; I guess you enjoy the activities…
And now it is time to a new one.

Actually 2 new ones.

The first one for beginners:

You can send me your pictures or in a piece of paper your solutions:

In this game the white pieces can give "Check" in many different ways.

Can you write down the coordinates of the white pieces giving Check?

  ____ - ____ & ____ - ____

 ____ - ____& ____ - ____

 ____ - ____& ____ - ____

Can you write down the coordinates of the white pieces giving Check?

I post you a table you can copy it and being creative drawing and coloring the pieces.

I am pretty sure you can.

The second activity is for everybody but maybe you need the help of a person who can play chess.

I dare you to solve these four Exercises:

A)  Who has the best position and why?

White or black ones…

White pieces because:_____________________________________________

Black pieces because: _____________________________________________

B)  …and in this one?

Tell me why.

White pieces because:_____________________________________________

Black pieces because: _____________________________________________

C)  Choose and justify between the White Knight or the Black Bishop.

White knight because:_____________________________________________

Black bishop because: _____________________________________________

D) Which Bishop would you like the most?
The B-d3 or the B-d7

White bishop because:_____________________________________________

Black bishop because: _____________________________________________

To solve these problems try to use your chess board and pieces and play the game against yourself or a mate.

Good luck and enjoy with explorajake.blogspot.com.es and remember to send me your impressions and solutions by email explorajake@gmail.com or via Whassap to 616097872

jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017

Wordsearch & SSEHC

Hi everyone,

Here we are again with a new challenge.

As I did last week I have two of them and this is the first option:

By the way I DO love chess, but I like many more things such as food (and baking my own chessboard) Arts and crafts, Reading, Maths…

I have been talking to my good friend Profesor Leo; and he gave me one idea to challenge your wonderful minds.

Do you remember how to move the Knight? You can check it out in this link.

Well now move the Knight from A-1 position and using the move of the knight until you reach 8 different squares. Write down every letter you get to the eightth square, and then write down the word you got and send it to me.

Here you are the chess board:

  •  It has relationship with CHESS.
  • Try to make 8 movements (the initial position is the first letter) and from that 7 more.
Here you are some examples:

Now you have to move to other square but choosing correctly the right options.

Can you send me the solution? (don't forget your nickname, name+surname, school and course)

This week is just a word.

The second challenge:

Next activity deals with “SSEHC”

What is it?

UUUUPS!! I am sorry, read it backwards.

Just kidding!! Well the idea is to play chess incorrectly.

UUUUUHHHH!!! Profesor Jake is nuts.

Teacher professor Jake does not want I learn to play Chess! BOOOOH!!!!

Don’t you worry and keep reading. The idea is to play Chess against other person but trying to lose all the time. I mean you move your pieces as usual but when one of the pieces of your opponent can capture yours (and you realize of that) she/he has to capture it, even the king. The winner is going to be the loser.  When you lose all your pieces you are going to be the winner.

Trust me! It is a very funny way of playing chess... and maybe you can beat a grown up.

Now you can tell me how do you feel playing like this. It is not necessary to record the game in a video but just tell me the main differences.

jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Follow the coordinates.

I am really happy with all your works and such creative chess boards and games.

It was amazing.

Today I propose 2 activities for the brave. Choose the one you prefer.

The first one is a game of coordinates:

As we can see in que label "The Class" dedicated to the move of the 6 different pieces and the positions on the Chess Board. Every single square in the Chess board has a name according to its line and column.

There is also a nick name for every piece:

K for the King
Q for the Queen
B for the Bishop
N for the Knight
R for the Rook
and with no initial for the pawns

the challenge I propose for you is to place some pieces on the chess board the way I show you with the coordinates:

First of all I give you an example with a pic.

These are the required coordinates:
I write them in white and a darker colour in order to distinguish them.



And this are the positions on the chess board.

Now it is your turn:
These are the coordinates:



Now it is your turn… Cheer up!

The second activity is pure Chess game:

Place more than… Queens in the Chess Board.

Try to solve this problem and send a photo or video of “how to make it”.

All we know the Queen is the most powerful piece in the Chess Game. You can move her forward and backward as many squares as you need either in diagonal, vertical or horizontal.

They cannot jump over any piece and there are 2 Queens, one per team… At the beginning of the game but a pawn can promote into a Queen when reaches the line 8 for the white pawns and line 1 for the black ones. (See this link if you need)

I guess you already know this but… There you are the challenge. Place in the chessboard as many Queens as you can with this objective: None of them can be threaten.by any of the others.

Here you are some examples:

In this case I have placed 3 Queens, but there can be placed some more.
A hint: the move of the Knight can be useful for this challenge.

Enjoy the activities, don't forget to mail me if you have any question, and see you soon.


the eight

Welcome back to a new week full of funny activities. This time we are going to have a break with app’s and web pages although they...